The volatile environments have disrupted the delicate equilibrium between work life and home life.

Employees are increasingly burn out and re-thinking their work-life priorities.

Motivators like meaningfulness and fulfilment in people’s work life are increasingly more important than salaries and prospects of career growth.

5 things HRM & L&D professionals can do to foster a supportive and productive work culture


Create a trusted environment


Adopt a person-centric strategy


Align personal aspirations to organisational values and vision


Strengthen the sense of belonging and camaraderie


Create opportunities for personal growth

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Help your employee find his element.
Described as “the intersection where one’s natural abilities are at his best, in a context where he has the highest impact and where he is valued the most”, you can make your employee more valuable by helping him to become his best self.


Adopt a person-centric strategy.
This requires a paradigm shift from simply identifying the value that each employee brings to identifying what he also values and needs. Create a personal development plan to expedite his growth and pursuit of excellence.


Provide an avenue for your employee to fulfil his aspirations.
Equipping an employee for his roles alone is not enough. You must also facilitate him towards achieving his aspirations within the organization. Satisfying his quest for meaningfulness and fulfilment not just in his career but also in his life will build trust and engagement.

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We believe that every individual has qualities and abilities that set them up for possibilities, opportunities and happiness. When they understand how to marshal their uniqueness, passion and purpose, they will be empowered to perform and live their personal best.

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We guide your employees in discovering new insights about themselves so that they could start to unleash their potentials.

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Your people learn to identify strategies and activities to accelerate their growth and enhance their values to the organisation.

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We enable HRM to enhance their talents’ development plans with deeper understanding of their employees’ key motivators.

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Our frameworks and methodologies are distilled from years of proven management consulting experience and expertise in change management, value creation and customer-centric business best practices. The team specialises in facilitating millennials towards engineering their own success.

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Dr Candice Chee has been a strategy consultant in customer-centric business practices and organisational change management for more than 20 years. She is experienced in providing high-quality consulting for Fortune 500 and Multi-national companies in their pursuits for customer excellence.

Candice repurposed her expertise to equip young adults with frameworks and strategies towards achieving their aspirations. More than 200 young people have since benefitted from her programmes that engineer them for success and significance.


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